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Ninth Meeting Prayer is a Spiritual Science


-If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him! <Luke 11:5-13, 18:1-8>


Because God is Almighty, He listens to your prayers and answers them. As a sinner, you cannot approach God with your prayers by yourself, but if you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, God will answer them(Jn. 16:24).


1. Why do non-believers receive answers to their prayers?

(1) All religions have formal(liturgical) prayers.

① Why are there answers to prayers offered to beasts?

② Why are there answers to prayers offered to rocks or trees?

③ Why are there answers to prayers offered to papers, drawings, or photographs?

④ Why are there answers to prayers offered to boxes, hand-made idols, or god-dwelling dishes?

⑤ Why do leaders of cults and mystical religions have supernatural powers?

The answer is found in 1Corinthians 10:20 and Matthew 24:11.

(2) Non-believers get immediate answers to prayers, but whether it was good of bad, they will then fail.

(3) When the child of God prays, God answers in three ways.

① In most cases, your prayer is answered immediately.

② God says no to your prayers, if the answers are nonbeneficial or unnecessary.

③ Sometimes God answers your prayers with something even better than what you had asked for. This is because God's desire is to bless His people.


2. The conditions for answered prayer.

(1) Jn. 1:12 must be a child of God.

(2) Jn. 16:24 pray in Jesus' name

(3) Ps. 66:18 as you confess your sins

(4) Lk. 11:5-12 pray by faith

(5) Lk. 18:1-8 pray with perseverance

(6) Phil. 4:6-7 answers begin with mind, heart, and the giving of wisdom


3. There are things the children of God should keep in mind when they pray.

(1) Not "my will be done" but "Your perfect will be done."

(2) Not "by my plan" but "by Your great plan."

(3) Not "for my circumstance" but "for Your hidden plan."

(4) Not with a heart of vengeance, but with a heart of forgiveness.

(5) With an attitude of submission to God's will.


4. Prayer is a "spiritual science."

(1) When you pray, the Holy Spirit works(Lk. 11:13, Mt. 12:28)

(2) When the Holy Spirit works, evil spirits are bound(Mt.12:28-29).

(3) When the Holy Spirit works, powerful angels of God are mobilized to do God's work.

① Heb. 1:14 ② Rev. 8:3-5 ③ Dan. 10:10-20

(4) Once this happens, your situations and your life begin to change(Est. 4:14).

(5) God sends people who are answers to your prayers(Acts 10:1-9).

① Gen,18:2-15(Abraham) ②1Kg. 19:5-7(Elijah)

③ 2Kg. 6:13-17(Elisha) ④2Kg. 20:1-10(Hezekiah)

⑤ Acts 1:10-11 ⑥ Acts 5:19-20, 10:1-4, 12:1-10

⑦ Rev. 1-20


5. Healing - Incurable disease, Cancer

(1) Assurance of Salvation

(2) Work of Holy Spirit

(3) Work of Satan

(4) Healing - Timely prayer(filling of Holy Spirit), continuous prayer(physical problem)

(5) Nutrition, medicine is God's blessing too.

(6) Solution to spiritual problem. Spiritual power is important.

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